Rio Verde Plantas will be holding an inventory reduction auction of more than 1 million high quality trees, shrubs, and perennials beginning June 10-June 24.  Visit for additional information and to place your bid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please see below for a complete list of frequent questions and anwers. If you need additional information, please contact us directly.

What are the dates of the auction?

The auction will begin on Wednesday, June 10 and run until Wednesday, June 24.

How do I bid?

The auction will be held on-line only. Information can be found at Additional information about how to register for the auction can be found on the Facebook page of our auction service, Reimold Horticultural Auction and Marketing.

Why is the auction taking place?

We have a very specific production plan and we are setting aside plants that are not part of the production plan to be included in this auction.

What is the quality of the material in the auction?

A majority of the material is of first quality. There are a few lots that are of secondary quality. However, all material is guaranteed to be alive and viable. Each lot of plants will be inspected for count accuracy. At this time, we will remove culls and dead plants to ensure quality and count of plants.

The counts will be verified to be accurate and any dead plants will be discarded. Each lot of plants is inspected by our experienced crew to ensure they are healthy. We will continue to care for them with regular watering until 30 days past the close of the auction to keep them healthy for your pick-up.

Can I come look at the lots of plants?

You may make an appointment to view the lots with our nursery located at 39550 NW Chalmers Lane, Forest Grove, Oregon. Contact Tabitha at (503) 482-7565 or via email

How long can I leave my plants at Rio before I must remove them?

Auction winners may leave their plant material without charge for 30 days after the close of the auction. Our staff with maintain the plant material to ensure the viability of the material while it is in our care.

How do I get my plants after the auction?

Make an appointment to bring a flatbed truck, trailer, or box trailer with an entrance no higher than 24” into the nursery and our will crew load your plants in the field. NO SEMI TRUCKS AND TRAILERS LOADING IN THE FIELD.

You can also pay us to pull your material to our dock and load it into a semi-trailer.

How do I get an appointment at the dock?

You must pay for your plant material in full prior to getting an appointment for loading. We will only schedule seven trucks per day on a first come, first served basis.

Can I bring my crew?

No, our crew will load the plants for you.

Will Rio make arrangements for shipping?

No, you must arrange your own transportation.

Will Rio pull and load auction plant material?

Yes, for a fee of $800 for up to ½ truck or $1200 for over a half truck, our crew will load your truck via appointment after the close of the auction.

Will Rio be offering racking services?

Yes, we will make arrangements for racking services at an additional charge.

Will the plant materials come in tagged?

No, not unless you purchased varieties that are very similar in appearance, then we will tag one of the varieties.

Can I combine an auction lot that I win with another Rio order I currently have on hold?

Yes! As long as both orders are removed from the property 30 days past the close of the auction on June 24.

What does the size code mean?

RC130 = 130 rooted cuttings in a community flat; RC150 = 150 rooted cuttings in a community flat; RC180 = 180 rooted cuttings in a community flat

32 = 32 cell tray; 38 = 38 cell tray; 40 = 40 cell tray; 50 = 50 cell tray; 72 = 72 cell tray

PRB = PlantRight growing bag with number indicating gallon size

PRG = green hard can with number indicating gallon size

N = hard can with number indicating gallon size (N01 = 1 gallon plant)

FB = Fabric bag with number indicating gallon size.